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Burning Dreams
Titel:      Burning Dreams
BuchID:      676
Autor:      Margaret Wander Bonano
ISBN-10(13):      743496930
Verlag:      Pocket Books
Edition:      Taschenbuch
Number of pages:      0
Sprache:      English
Bewertung:      3 
Bild:      no-img_eng.gif

Before James T. Kirk, another captain stood on the bridge of the U.S.S. Enterprise(tm), spearheading its mission of exploration into the uncharted reaches of the galaxy. He was a man driven to perfection, a brooding soul whose haunted eyes reflected the burden of the impossible standards he set for himself, and for whom his long-time science officer, Spock, would one day risk everything. Yet little is truly known about the enigmatic Christopher Pike, the events that defined him, or the secrets that consumed him.

From the embers of his early childhood among Earth's blossoming interstellar colonies to the terrifying conflagration that led him back to the world of his birth; from the mentor who would ignite young Chris's desire to return to the stars to the career he blazed in Starfleet that would end in supreme sacrifice - the path of Pike's life leads through fire again and again. But even amid the ashes of Talos IV, the forbidden world on which he would live out the remainder of his days, the dreams still smouldering within his aging, radiation-ravaged breast fan the flames of Pike's spirit to accomplish one final task...